The driving license in Turkey

Car in Turkey is an integral part of life. For its administration, as in all other countries, appropriate documents are required. We tell you how to get a driver's license for foreigners, Turks, as well as for those who have changed their citizenship. Driving License for Visitors Tourists often like to travel around Turkey by car. And those who decided to live here simply cannot do without their car. The most basic and important thing: you must have a driver's license, road insurance policy and registration certificate (if you have your own car)

 If you plan to stay in Turkey for no more than six months, you can limit yourself to these documents. If the foreign person lives in the country longer, then it will be necessary to obtain a special license to drive a vehicle. To do this, the following documents should be submitted to the Turkish Traffic Police: original and copy of the passport or residence permit; photograph of the established sample; medical certificate; copy of the driver's license obtained in a Turkish hospital; and their notarized translation into Turkish a certificate of blood group. You will also need to pay the state. Fees and go with all these documents to the local police department. Guardians of the law will send a request to the country of residence to verify the authenticity of the driver's license. After receiving confirmation, you will become the proud owner of a Turkish driver's license. Usually the process of collecting, confirming and processing documents takes 2 months or more. Therefore, if you plan to live in Turkey for a long time, you should worry about a driver's license in advance. Driving license for local In order to get a Turkish driving license there are special driving courses that must be successfully completedthis procedure is the same in all countries. To complete the course, you must have a Turkish residence permit and a Turkish ID with a registration number. In addition, you will need: photographs of the established sample; a copy of the school certificate or university diploma honey. Certificate and a card indicating the blood group certificate of no criminal record The courses themselves consist of several parts. Theory first. Traffic rules, car arrangement, first aid and other necessary knowledge: the examinee fills out a questionnaire, answering questions. The questionnaire is in Turkish, so foreign citizens take this exam with an interpreter.

 It is noteworthy that the theoretical exam takes place in one day throughout the country. Then practice. The exam is passed in two stages, the first (internal) is taken by the teacher and the examiner. Then the second exam, here the ability to drive a car is already assessed by two inspectors. After completing the courses and successfully passing the exams at the police department, you will be given a list of documents that you need to collect in order to obtain a driver's license. We remind you that since the beginning of last year, a driver's license has been replaced in Turkey. The procedure is as simple as possible and you can go through it online by leaving an application on the website of the General Directorate of Security. New rights can be issued within five years.